Aakash Garg

About Me

I am Aakash Garg

As an Insurance Adviser, I strive to get the policy for you and your family that can keep you guarded without paying huge sums of premium. I have

If you have been searching for a good Insurance agent in Delhi and Haryana then you are right place ends here. Started my career at the age of 20 as Insurance Agent and carry about 5+ years of Industry experience.

Being a LIC and General Insurance Agent, I can assure you that you get the best policies that give you long & life-living term benefits. I always aim to give the most reliable services to my clients and provide them with all kinds of security for their financial well life.

It is not simple to get a good insurance advisor who can protect you from all sorts of risks in life. You should make proper research and consult with an experienced advisor with a good profile. I have been in this field for years and aim to give my best advice to each client. You can recognize me as one of the most trusted LIC Insurance Agents in Delhi for staying unaffected from any risks in life.

LIC Insurance Company is not only popular in India but also a statutory body famous around the world. In my career as a LIC agent, I can ensure you that this government body will provide you and your family with all kinds of benefits and protection you need at the most important point in your life. Working as a LIC agent in Delhi and Haryana I have been consistently helping many businesses and families around the state of Delhi & nearby States.

Also, I am Offering “Other Insurance and Investment” Services like Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Motor Insurance, Personal Accident Insurance, Group Insurance, Travel Insurance, SIP (Systematic Investment Plan), Mutual Funds, Stocks, Commodities, Fixed Deposits, etc., We give complete Insurance and Investment Services to our clients.”