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Aakash garg is an Insurance Advisor, a content creator on Youtube, and a mentor. He founded www.aakashgarg.com in 2020. Nowadays, he spends his time creating content for a community of over 5 Lakhs Subscribers on Youtube and all other Social Media Platforms. He is well known for his versatile knowledge of Insurance, Teaching behavior, and Financial education.


Aakash is an entrepreneur, youtuber and a investment advisor. He spends his time creating content, instructing students through his YouTube videos and actively guides people about insurance policies.

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Hey, I am an Insurance and Investment Advisor. For the past 4 years, I have been actively sharing content on YouTube and Facebook. I want each and every individual who is interested in Insurance and Investments can understand it in the easiest possible way. You can message me if you are interested in insurance and investment for a better future.